"Chiza Architectural Bureau" has designed the administrative building for the Commission under the President on Public Service Issues.

There is an administrative building being constructed for the Commission under the President on Public Service Issues in Baku city. The new building shall be located at: Suleyman Sani Akhundov str., Binagadi district, Baku city. The design for the project has been developed by "Chiza Architectural Bureau and "Bakinşaat Group" Company. Moreover, construction of administrative building shall be implemented by "Bakinşaat Group" Company. The subject building shall be consisted of 7 floors and basement floor. The parameters of the building shall be 33,00х32,60 meters, site area of the building 1188,78 sq.meters and building volume 35695,68 cubic meters.

 The building shall be multifunctional and consist of examination rooms, waiting room,   conference-halls for the trainings, studies, administrative rooms and areas and electronic library, record office (archive),  small cinema, café and numerous technical and auxiliary rooms as well.

 Reservoirs for the fire-fighting and potable water and pump-house, boiler room and transformation substation has also been included to the construction of administrative building. 

It will be recalled that, the construction of administrative building should be completed in 2015.  

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