Formula 1 Grand Prix Azerbaijan (Baku)

In 1950, World Championship of Formula 1 was held in the world for the first time and it has been holding in different countries which have structures for the execution of such kinds of events for 64 years. Our mission for the conception shall lie on holding of Formula 1 in Azerbaijan, in Baku, not in the urban streets but in establishment of autodrome particularly in isolated location.  

To hold such event in urban streets is applicable, so they are holding in countries, such as Monaco (Monte-Carlo), Spain (Valencia), Singapore (Marine Bay) etc.

But the establishment of autodrome shall allow not only for the execution of event such as Formula 1 but also for other types of auto-racing which provide means to held such events at any time or any day, not to take relevant measures for the model structure of mounting and dismounting arenas, permit to create an infrastructure of location in up city interfering the traffic current, people and other such movements.

In general, the race shall continue for 2 days but for the development of such infrastructure shall definitely take more than mentioned days. All these delays of structure shall be subject to city and its systems in full. 

ChiZa Architectural Bureau has developed the conceptual design for the autodrome which will unclog the streets and permit to hold such event not so far away from the city, as well.  Certainly, development of such request does not consider the demand for structures, this is just our approach to Formula -1 event.  

Surely, the first mission for such kind of project is the siting. We have selected the Cape Sultan, the eastern part of Baku where the Baku Boulevard ends and we think that this shall be ideal place for it.      

Access to autodrome shall be through Zigh Airport which shall permit fast entrance to complex and off-load as well.

Basing on establishment of location with length of 5160 meters in the number of 60 circles shall be in 309 km, so far as, sports regulations of Formula 1 say that it should be not less than 305 km. Parking areas, tribunes, pit stops, garages, repair shops, press-centers have been also taken into account within complex. In our conceptual design, there is a hotel for sportsmen during races and also beyond the races, we consider that this conception shall work.   

Furthermore, at the end of cape there has been developed yacht club which shall allow water transport to work and be accessible during execution of such event and beyond it. With reference to all information, we see the complex where races such as Grand-Prix may be held.