The hotel complex in Baikal (Competition project)

Object name: The hotel complex in Baikal
Typology: Hotel complex
Address: Baikal, Buryatia, Russian Federation
Project organisation:  «Chiza Architectural Bureau»
Customer: ООО «Байкал-Инвест»
Authors: Agharzayev C. Jabiyev Z
                Creative team:  İskenderli F.
Stage of the project: Competition project
Project Year: 2015
Total Site of area: 0.93 Ha
Construction area of the object: 2183.14 m²
Total area of the object: 4721.88 
Total underground area: 639.45 m² 
Total overground area: 4112.43 
Building volume of the object: 23110.50 
Number of rooms: 24
Total area of landscaping: 3707.37