Amsterdam children's playschool (Competition project)

Object name: Amsterdam children's playschool
Typology: Kindergarten
Address: AmsterdamKingdom of the Netherlands
Project organisation: «Chiza Architectural Bureau»
Customer: «ARCHMEDİUM»
Authors: Agharzayev C. Jabiyev Z
                Creative team:  İskenderli F.
Stage of the project: Competition project
Project Year: 2016
Total Site of area: 10.24 
Construction area of the object: 1145.26 
Total area of the object: 837.36 
Building volume of the object: 4188.49 

  The best way to make children good is to make them happy. Oscar Wilde

  Not only the expression of the famous author Oscar Wilde prompted us to do this concept, but also the behavior of children, their love for drawing, that they love to draw and so on. After watching how they draw, we noticed that they like to draw circles and curves. Kids love to run around, in a crooked, straight way, they love circles, they love curves. This inspired us to create the concept Children Playschool. The plan is rectangular in shape with curved walls on the outside and with an inner courtyard surrounded by corridors of gallery type with the entries into classrooms. The classrooms provide sanitary facilities, as well as exits from the classrooms B and C on the half-open playgrounds; as regards classrooms A, they have a playground in the courtyard. The roof of the project is a large play area. Two staircases on either side are provided for lifting the roof. The roof has round-shape holes which facilitate its visual appearance and design and give this playground which is the roof an additional interesting detail. The roof is covered with greenery and different elements of game type. Since this is an academic competition, we have increased the square of game zones, making kindergarten a large play area. The facade is white but with some inserts of different colors.
  In the project, we have given a complete shape to the berth thereby creating additional green recreation area where not only children but also adults will have a good time.
  Our task was to make not just a building for children, but a building for children that will make them happy. We would like to note that the design took into account the wishes of children!!!