Bamiyan Cultural Center (Competition project)

 Object name: Bamiyan Cultural Center 
Typology: Cultural Center
Address: Bamiyan Valley, Afghanistan
Project organisation:  «Chiza Architectural Bureau»
Customer: «UNESCO World Heritage Centre» 
Authors: Agharzayev C. Jabiyev ZHeydarzadeh F.
                Creative team:  İskenderli F.
                Graphic designer: Salimov E
Stage of the project: Competition project
Project Year: 2015
Total Site of area: 3.76 Ha
Construction area of the object: 2885.88 
Total area of the object: 2188.46 
Building volume of the object: 178366.44 
Total area of landscaping: 13797.97 

Since long the common design features of the architecture for many regions of the Near and Middle East  were related to the climatic conditions. The design methods of buildings with patio were developed in the architecture long ago. Our concept is a synthesis of an old design and a new one which is applied in the modern architecture. Selecting a site on the territory granted within the frames of the contest,  and placing the buildings of maximum height of 7,35 m. at the level of 2550,50, we took a house with a patio (you can meet buildings of a similar design in most of the countries of the Near and Middle  East such as madrasahs, mausoleums) as a basis and developed  a new plan on that territory (scheme 1). 
The  structure of the building is  -  concrete, the overhead  cover - are truss spans. The building is tiled with raw stone and ornamented with some wooden inlays. 
Café for 40 people is  located in  the patio in the center of the building. It enables people to relax and have rest in the shade of the building in  hot days. Usage of the eastern arches  on the facades complies with the trends of eastern architecture. Our aim was to create a building not only  in the  eastern style but at the same time a  building  with modern  equipment  within the amount allocated for the construction. In our concept we tried to use bio resources such as:
1) Solar batteries  are arranged so that they are able to absorb more sunlight;(scheme 2)
2) To reduce energy consumption for the interior lighting ceilings   and halls are provided with illuminators with natural light;
3) The building is provided with the downspouts for collecting rainwater for technical needs.
The performance hall is lighted up by natural light, but when necessary, it may be transformed into a “black box”  as it has  blinds on the windows. The hall has also special places for the invalids. 
As there is a rather great difference in the level  of  two sites, the park area with the staircase and the elevator that are  integral parts of the concept ,links the Cultural Center with the territory for future 1000 square meters building expansion.  
For the greater efficiency of  the expansion zone it  is provided  with the additional  entrance.  Such park recreation makes it  possible to walk, rest on the benches and  enjoy  the  view of the beautiful  valley lying below. 
The parking zone will house 30 cars (as it was in contest assignment). We also added a parking site  for the  disabled and a parking site for 50 bicycles.
Our concept doesn't involve great changes in the relief; on the  contrary, it  makes  possible  to preserve it and to create conductive atmosphere for the  visitors and the staff of the Cultural Center  in Bamiyan.