Our bureau provides services in the following areas:


    Architectural planning solutions: design of high-rise residential buildings, private houses, public buildings, multi-functional complexes and training and education centers. 
    Drafting of master plans: design of residential complexes and public places, landscape designs and small architectural forms.     
    Drafting of interior design: design of private houses, apartments and public buildings.
    Conduct of author supervision: proper conduct of construction and installation work in accordance with the design, including assisting closely with material choice relating to facade and other work.


Drafting of plans with explication of rooms, facade solutions, general engineering and constructive concepts, cuts and drawings, brief information of the facility, general technical and economic indicators and visualizationa.


Preparation of all documents needed for consistence of construction processes, as well as installation and assembly work. Drafting of all kinds of sketches for construction (nodes, details, specifications, etc.)


Functions such as visiting the construction area to supervise proper conduct of the construction process by the design authors and observing the conduct of work in compliance with the design, as well as assisting with selection of construction and cosmetic materials.